In this tutorial we will be making a simple Newsletter website using Nodejs….

  1. Create a new Nodejs project named newsletter
  2. Create a new file app.js
  3. Make a signup.html, success.html, failure.html
mkdir newslettertouch app.js
touch signup.html success.html failure.html

3. initialize npm , install express, mailchimp

npm init       //next fill them
npm install express
npm install @mailchimp/mailchimp_marketing

4. Now make a simple server up and running..

const express = require("express");
const app = express();

console.log("Server is running at port 3000");

5. Lets make our Signup newsletter page

Lets make a css file mystyle.css for our Signup Page….

6. Complete our app.js

7. Finally make our success.html and failure.html



Thats all You have complete your Newsletter!

Deployed website=>

Link to complete project->